have you found a ladybeetle?

If you have found a ladybeetle, the first thing I must say is: congratulations! There are hundreds of thousands of trackables out there, and over a million geocachers moving them around, so it's pretty neat that you've managed to find one of the travelling ladybeetles.

Please log your find! This allows the tracking of the ladybeetle's movements from cache to cache, so I know where they are. Logging is really easy: just click the name of the ladybeetle you have found (below), and this link will take you to the logging page. The ladybeetle's special code is on the back of the stamp, to verify that you have found the actual geocoin.

europe.gif Stefan (Europe)
australia.gif Anne (Australia)
northamerica.gif Dean (North America)
asia.gif Sora (Asia)
antarctica.gif Kate (Antarctica)
africa.gif Sarah (Africa)
southamerica.gif Doug (South America)

Once you have logged your find, please do your best to move the ladybeetle to a new cache as soon as possible! There is information on each ladybeetle's geocaching.com website as well as here on my wiki to help you choose a cache, but anywhere new is awesome too. Other than that, take care of the ladybeetle and don't forget to subscribe to the facebook fan page to trace their journeys!

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