chronicles of the leonine ladybeetles

Read about the ladybeetles' adventures as they hitchhike around the world, and see where they end up!

07/01/2012: Anne finally sets off!
First update for 2012! After holding on to Anne for quite a while, I've finally set her free to explore the world starting in the Midlands of the UK. My original plan was to get one of the bugs to Asia, and Anne seemed like a good candidate, but I don't think I'll be heading there anytime soon and thought I should release Anne so that all seven ladybeetles are off on their journeys. Good luck, Anne!

12/07/2011: Greatest distance travelled upset!
There's been quite an upset in the rankings for the greatest distance travelled as of late. Although Stefan is still undoubtedly winning with little competition, the bottom four places are fighting it out for their ranks. Kate has come back from trailing 7th to a convincing 4th with over 3000 km clocked. Thanks to a recent trip to South Australia, Anne is now 5th, leaving Sarah and Dean to battle over the bottom two places. Someone ought to get those two moving again, they're falling behind! Thank you to everyone who has helped and is helping the ladybeetles on their journey!

01/07/2011: G for Geocaching!
Dean moved up in the world as he was granted the privilege of visiting *the* Groundspeak headquarters in Washington. Pretty amazing stuff! He also attended the NOPC Meet and Greet and Pandamonium events. Meanwhile, Kate was a spokesbug for geocaching in general at an introduction to geocaching in Saskatchewan and also participated in the Humboldt Photo Event and Pot Luck. Go bugs go!

22/05/2011: Doug and Stefan cross paths in Virginia, United States!
Looks like Doug and Stefan were within an hour of each other during the months of April/May 2011, despite both ladybeetles being released in Hessen and Hamburg, Germany (respectively). Not bad for them to both go cross-continental and wind up near each other again! Doug was placed in Buck Mountain1 on 14th November 2010, heading off on his journeys again on 20th May 2011 to Alabama. Stefan reached Virginia on the 21st April 2011 to be placed in VSP Smith Mountain Lake 75th Anniversary Adventure, and he's currently waiting there for someone to pick him up and get him going again. They were only one hour away from each other during their shared time in Virginia! Check out the image below:

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