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The Odyssey of the Leonine Ladybeetles (TOLL) traces the journey of seven adventurous ladybeetles across the world. Originally a family united in Germany, these seven ladybeetles parted ways in order to see who could get the furthest and see the most. They are trackable via, and here you can trace some highlights of their journey.

Latest Statuses (11/02/2013)
Stefan: Virginia, United States
Anne: Northwest England, United Kingdom
Dean: Western Australia, Australia
Sora: Leinster, Ireland
Kate: California, United States
Sarah: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Doug: Tennessee, United States

Distance Rankings (11/02/2013)
#1. Anne: 19606.1 km
#2. Stefan: 18339.7 km
#3. Dean: 17088.7 km
#4. Doug: 16282.0 km
#5. Kate: 12291.3 km
#6. Sora: 9899.0 km
#7. Sarah: 1925.9 km

Chronicles of the Leonine Ladybeetles
Read about their adventures around the world!

The Leonine Ladybeetles
europe.gif Stefan (Europe)
australia.gif Anne (Australia)
northamerica.gif Dean (North America)
asia.gif Sora (Asia)
antarctica.gif Kate (Antarctica)
africa.gif Sarah (Africa)
southamerica.gif Doug (South America)

Note: Credit to wenzelbub for creation of the Travelling Ladybirds, and jho135 for the small icons.

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