the project's progress

The events of the last week have led me to write this update, which will be short because there is not an incredible deal to write about (at least, not publicly yet!). Recently I celebrated the 200th day of Honours, a milestone which also happened to fall on Australia Day. That means I've been at this project for over two hundred days, which is a fair while. I've been told it's strange that I'm counting up rather than counting down the days till it's over; it's probably more for the bragging factor than anything practical ("I spent 300 days on Honours!", "Well, I spent 324!", etc). It sounds more impressive if you know the exact number of days, right? ;)

Aside from reaching the 200th day, I finally looked at my program again after neglecting it for quite a few weeks. Some of the processes were greatly improved, and it has actually reached the stage where it can be run on the whole data set - the cumulation of various bits and pieces (some more frustrating than others) finally coming together. So, on the 203rd day of Honours, I set up a preliminary run to see how it would fare.

No further description than that can I give yet, because I do after all have to put together a thesis together in the end. But I can say that, at least as far as meeting the goals of the project, it looks pretty good at the moment.

Cross your fingers for me that deeper analysis doesn't reveal otherwise!

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