the 1000 most common words

Linked on Facebook recently was a web-browser app which allows you to write whatever you want in its text box, warning you if your words venture away from only containing the 1000 most common English words in usage. Inspired by the xkcd comic Up-Goer Five, the challenge is to explain a complex or difficult idea using only the 1000 words available to you. The question then is: can you explain your research given these restrictions?

Here's my attempt:

What I study

We live in a small space around our Sun, and our Sun is part of an even bigger space filled with lots and lots of other stars. This huge field of stars, made of long rounded arms, goes around and around the middle of the star field, which for us is a really heavy dark thing that draws things towards it.

I'm interested in how our star field acts when it moves through the space around it, and also how it deals with other star fields it meets along the way. We know our star field is eating two other smaller star fields right now! And that it has eaten other star fields in the past.

How do we know this? Because we can still see small bits of the other star fields in our own star field - sometimes the stars themselves, but sometimes also the stuff that they formed from! One really exciting thing is being able to try and tell which part is which, just by looking at the stuff our star field, and other stars field, are made from.

But the two can sometimes get confused, so it's especially important to know how to tell which stuff came from our star field. Does it move like our star field? Does it look like the stuff in our star field? Does the way it moves tell us anything about where it came from?

One day, a long time away from now, our star field will meet a star field that's nearly the same as ours. We don't really know for sure what will happen then! That's one of the reasons why it's important to study how our star field acts with smaller star fields and how they change the way our star field grows over time, as well as how our star field changes and grows within its self.

And here's the proof that it is only uses the 1000 most common words!

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