light fails

A gallery dedicated to light fails that have been spotted out and around.

Lessons So Far

1. Match your globe styles!

2. Match your globe colour temperatures!

3. Lights are meant to serve a purpose (function or design), not blind people/cars passing by.

4. Cool white, warm white, it's not that hard!

5. If you're going to expose your globes… reconsider exposing your globes.

6. Train fail: cool white, natural white and warm white all in a row!

7. Bulbs dangling from a ceiling look more dangerous than anything else.

8. Match your globe brightness - it is noticeable!

9. I have no explanation for this colour-system.

10. Don't forget to change your bulbs when they go out!

11. Is this a light fail, or a light success? The design is wacky but the colours don't match.

12. Even carousels forget to cover their bulbs.

13. A dirty light is an unhappy light.

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