why illuminate?

This new section is dedicated to all things light-related: people who know me might be aware that I am slightly light-obsessed, something which probably doesn't derive completely (but partly) from my casual job in lighting. I've always liked lights, and the way they can be used to make (or wreck!) an atmosphere. It probably sounds a bit tripe, but the choice of lighting (both type and style) can really affect how a room, area or landscape looks. My favourite world in Kingdom Hearts was always Traverse Town, which has the most amazing lights (although fictional):

Anyway there are various things about lights that I like, know and want to know, so I'll use this part of the wiki to store what I find out :) The magic of light, at least in a physics context, is that human perception limits us to such a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum - visible light - and this is spectacular enough on its own. We need light, from the sun and during the night, which makes it such an important part of everyday life. Lights are not quite as cool as wombats, perhaps, but hopefully this section will convince you they're pretty neat!

globe gallery will house the globes that I've painted (yes, you can paint globes!), while light fails is testament to how lights can be commonly misused. And lichtspiele will just be where I store musings on lights, or tips and advice regarding lighting. If you have any ideas for further light sections, post on the forum or email me!

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